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2019 Hall of Fame Inductees

Getting 14 of 16 votes this year was Adrian Beltre and Ichiro Suzuki. Beltre played 21 seasons winning 3 gold gloves, 6 all star selections and won 2 World Series rings with the Dodgers. Beltre will be going in as a Dodger. Ichiro played 17 seasons winning 4 gold glove awards, 3 all star selections and won 5 rings. 4 with the Braves and 1 with the Cardinals. Ichiro will be going in as a Brave. 

Also joining the Hall this year is Tim Hudson receiving 10 of 16 votes.  After 16 seasons and 174 wins, 2 all star selections and 4 rings Hudson will be going in as a Brave. 

The veterans committe has voted in 3 players from past seasons. Delgado played 16 seasons hitting 475 home which is still in the top 10 of all time after 23 seasons. He was on one championship team and will enter as a Dodger. He was voted in on 4 of 5 votes. Joining him with 4 of 5 votes was Brian Giles. Giles played in 11 seasons making 4 all star selections, 2 championship rings and finished with a .941 OPS still ranked 12th all time. Giles will be enshrined as an Astro which was managed by Bryan Wayt. The last inductee this year with 3 of 5 votes was Bernie Williams. Williams played 8 seasons and finished with a .308 batting average which is still ranked 4th with the min. of 1000 at bats. He also finished with a .402 OBP ranked 9th. He made 1 all star team and won 3 gold gloves and will be entering as a Boston Red Sox.

Voting results. Need 3 votes from the veterans committe or 9 votes from the league. 

Carlos Delgado 4 of 5

Bernie Williams 3 of 5

Brian Giles 4 of 5

Adrian Beltre 14 of 16

Ichiro Suzuki 14 of 16

Tim Hudson 10 of 16

Missing the cut were:

Johan Santana 8 of 16

Andy Pettite 8 of 16

Joe Mauer 6 of 16

Adrian Gonzalez 5 of 16

Jake Peavy 5 of 16

Scott Rolen 3 of 16

Adam Dunn 3 of 16

Alfonso Soriano 2 of 16

Paul Konerio 1 of 16

Torri Hunter 1 of 16

David Wright 1 of 16

11/12/2019 12:00:00 AM